IOS Training Details

IOS Developer Program for Fresher:

First 2 Months on Technology Training.
After training Work on Live Projects.

IOS Training Module


- Introduction to iPhone SDK.
- Introduction to Xcode.
- COCOA Touch Framework.
- iOS Application Architecture.

Advanced Views and Controller

- TableView.
- TableView Controller.
- Picker View , Date Picker.
- Scroll View.
- Web View.
- Navigation and Tabbar Controller.

Interface Builder

- Understanding Interface builder.
- Understanding XIB files.
- Creating Outlets and Actions.

Data Storage

- Directory structure of an iOS App.
- Using SQLite database.
- Using Core Data.
- Property List.
- User Defaults.

XML and Web Services

- XML Parser.
- JSON Parser.
- SOAP based web service.
- REST web service.

Touches and Gestures

- Handling the touch events.
- Handling Gestures.


- Playing Audio file.
- Playing short sounds.
- Playing Video on iPhone.


- Displaying Map in iOS App.
- Working with Pin Annotations.
- Handling the Map region.

Working with Storyboard

- Using Storyboard to design the app.
- Using Segues.
- Passing data from One Controller to another.

Handling Different Screen Sizes

- Programmatically controlling the views.
- Using springs and struts model.
- AutoLayout.


- Multithreading in an IOS App.
- Using NSThread.
- Using GCD ( Grand Central Dispatch ).


- NSNotification and NSNotificationCenter.
- Working with UILocalNotifications.
- APNS ( Apple Push Notification Service ) Overview.

Using Camera

- Capturing image using camera
- Getting the images from the Image Gallery.

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