Web Training Details

Web Developer Program for Fresher:

First 2 Months on Technology Training.
After training Work on Live Projects.

Web Training Module

- PHP Programming.
- Course Objectives and Introduction to PHP.
- PHP Development Environment; Whitespace and Comment.
- Echo vs. Print; Single vs. Double Quotes.
- Operators.
- Controlling the Flow of Execution.
- Repeating Codes.
- Debugging PHP; Scaffolding Codes.
- Arrays.
- Functions.
- External PHP.
- Runtime Error Handling.
- Reading and Writing to a File.
- Reading a Configuration File.
- Form Processing; Cookies and Sessions Superglobals.
- Database Storage.
- Course Review.
- Object-Oriented Development.
- Inheritance Demo.
- Common Threats.
- Security Demo and Exercise.
- PHP Built-in Constants and Standard PHP Library.
- Standard PHP Library Demo.
- SPL Data Structures and Exception Types.
- SPL Data Structures Demo.
- SPL Exception Types Demo.
- Relational Database Management Systems and SQL Language.
- SQL Statement.
- Table Joins and Union.
- Joins Demo.
- Insert, Update and Delete Commands; Aggregate Functions.
- Queries and Store Procedure.
- Design Pattern Categories.
- Singleton Pattern Demo.
- Observer Pattern Demo.
- Closing.

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